Membership Information

The Society's membership criteria will be gradually developed toward the objective of enhancing its certification value.

Currently, there are three categories of Membership:

Associate Ordinary    Fellows *              Student                              
Entrance fee - S$100
Annual subscription - S$50
Entrance fee - S$200
Annual subscription - S$80
Entrance fee - S$200
Annual subscription - S$100

Entrance Fee - S$10

Valid for one year only

* This category is only for special admissions and not open to public.

Membership forms may be printed from the following attachments on-line

  • Membership Application Form Download
  • Student Membership Application Form  Download
  • Record of Practical Experience (Form P11) Download
  • Record of Practical Experience (Form P12) for Candidates From Tertiary Institutions Download
  • Members Particulars Update Form Download