Accreditation of Project Managers

The Accreditation of Project Managers (APM) is a formal accreditation scheme of project management practitioners established and administered by SPM for the built environment and construction industry (BE&CI) in Singapore. It an official recognition that the Project Manager (PM) has met the competency standards as laid out by the Society for the practice and provision of good professional project management service.

The APM scheme will propel the standard of project management practice in the BE&CI to greater heights. The scheme is aimed at improved project outcomes for the benefit of project sponsors and users, and will help the industry to achieve better project outcomes in productivity, workplace health and safety as well as environmental sustainability. Building and infrastructure projects, particularly the larger and more complex ones, will benefit in having clearer scope and objective definition, risk identification and management, and greater stakeholder satisfaction.




TIER 1 - Professional Project Director (PPD)

Appendix 1 Gantt Chart - Download

Appendix  2 Project Report Form - Download


  • PPD Migration Application Form (for existing PPM Members only) - Download

Appendix 1 Project Report Form - Download


TIER 2 - Professional Project Manager (PPM)

Appendix 1 Gantt Chart- Download

Appendix 2 - Project Report Form - Download


  • PPM Migration Application Form (for existing PPM Members only) - Download


TIER 3 - Certified Project Manager (CPM)


  • CPM Migration Application Form (for existing SPM Members only) - Download
  • CPM Migration Application Form (for candidates from Tertiary Institutions) - Download



  • Certified Project Managers - Download
  • Professional Project Managers - Download
  • Professional Project Directors - Download





cheque payable to the “Society of Project Managers”.  On the reverse side of the cheque, please indicate your full name and contact number and mail the cheque to

The APM Secretariat
Society of Project Managers Singapore
Macpherson Road 
P.O. Box 1083 
Singapore 913412

Option 2

Internet Banking (Please refer to the invoice for more details)







SPM CPD Accredited Courses

  • Construction Law 101 Construction Law 101 Online Course (11th Run) by Singapore Construction Law - Click Here


Accreditation of Project Managers Seminar 2 Oct 2018


Official Launch of Accreditation of Project Managers on 6 June 2017

  • Programme Details - Download
  • Speech by President, SPM, Dr Ting Seng Kiong - Download
  • Summary of  Speech by Guest of Honour , Mayor, Dr Teo Ho Pin - Download
  • Speech by Honorary Fellow, SPM Mr Liew Mun Leong - Download
  • Presentation by 2nd VP, Mr Yip Kim Seng - Download
  • Photos - Download


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