SPM Professional Talk Series 2019

Design for Safety 101

Design for Safety (DfS) is regulated from August 2016, and projects over $10 million have gone through the process in the last 2 years.  As the DfS process has to be carried out in tandem with the project schedule, the timing for the various DfS workshops is critical to ensure that they are carried out with sufficient information from the designers.  Project Managers need to understand what the process constituted and work closely with the DfS Professional to ensure that the workshops are fruitful.  It is also important to engage DfS Professionals who are able to facilitate the workshops well, so that there is active participation from the designers.


This talk will focus on the DfS process, and how the Project Managers can incorporate this process into the project schedule, without affecting the project delivery date.  We also discuss on the criteria and attributes of the DfS Professional, so that the GUIDE workshops are effective.


Date: 23rd May 2019

Time: 6pm - 9pm (registration and dinner will commence at 6pm)

Venue:  Singapore University Social Sciences                                                                                                   Lecture theatre Blk C SR C.4.14 Singapore 599494

Speakers: Er Lim Peng Hong and Ms Sumay Tan from PH Consulting Pte Ltd

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